David Ru


David Ru is an abstract expressionism artist and curator, Vice President of The Artists’ Union of Russia (TCXP),
Chief Editor of “Art Stories” magazine, Chairman of the section “Abstract Art” of The Artists’ Union of Russia,
Honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Founder of Abstraction without Borders Art Festival.
David seeks to increase the visibility of talented artists, to raise the awareness of the importance of arts education and creativity. David works in abstract expressionism, mixed media art style. He always learns new media and possibilities to create. David creates, not only using brush and colors, canvas and paper, he also creates digital artworks, multimedia projects, making video adding his own musical compositions.
David believes that people should be able to experience art anywhere, he finds a way to create in any situation, he connects people from different countries and social levels and ages, connecting art and people motivates him every day. He is optimistic, inventive, passionate, completely dedicated to art and people, inspiring all the time.

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