Support Ukraine

Charitable Virtual Art Exhibition

May 15 – May 31, 2022

Curated by Margo Grant and Irina Matinian


Nelly Drobot, Thorsten Boehm, Petra Azar, Nonna Pidvalna,

Ori Gerard Frances, Willie Marlowe, Daniel Butterworth,

Monique Heubel, Yelena Budylin, Trish Gianakis, Michiko Hoshino,

Natalie McGuire, David Ru, Irina Matinian,

Monika Gloviczki, Dan McCormack, Ekatherina Savtchenko

MARGO GALLERY, along with the International Art Community, is presenting a special charitable virtual exhibit to help alleviate the suffering in Ukraine. MARGO GALLERY would like to express solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Many of us are from Ukraine or have friends and family there, and we are horrified, worried, and deeply concerned by current events.

Special thanks to Nonna Pidvalna and Neal Tolunsky.


Margo Grant, Director
Irina Matinian, Art Director

[email protected]