Tati Knobel


I Came to NYC as jewish refugee from Leningrad, Soviet Union more than 30years ago, I was a refusenik, because i could not get permission to leave Soviet Union for 10 years.

I started doing art after breaking my leg about 10 years ago, before that I worked for hi-tech , having a degree in math and computer science from Leningrad University. I started drawing, then painting acrylic, then oil. I also enjoy doing ceramics, when i can get access to the kiln in the city. I also started taking art / drawing / painting / sculpture classes in Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

My works participated in numerous exhibitions in NYC:

2009. 14 street Y:drawings
2010. Educational alliance 197 east Broadway: acrylic
2011. Ottendorfer library: acrylic
2012. 14 street Y: hope exhibition to benefit children hospital: acrylic
2012. NYU annual Edgar Poe exhibition. Nevermore, landscape with fantasy, oil
2013. Mulberry library: drawings
2014. Tompkins sq library: collages
2014. 67 street library: sculptures:
2014. Jefferson market library.: Zen drawing.
2015. Educational alliance 197 east Broadway: oil
2015 lorimoto brooklyn gallery in BushWick: collages
2015 Greenwich house: oils
2016 .Greenwich house: oils
2016 Hudson Park Library: tempera
2016 Clarkson street center: monotypes
2016 Lorimoto gallery in BushWick: monotype
2017 Educational alliance: oils
2017 Greenwich house: oils
2018 SOHO 508 w 26 st, Margo gallery: photos of Africa
2019 Margo Gallery 51 east 73 st: oil; acrylic
2019 HudsonPark library :4 watercolors
2019 Educational alliance: oils, collage
2019 MORA jersey city : Margo gallery: acrylics, oil
2019 MORA jersey city 389 Washington st 2 : photos of Venice
2019 Greenwich House: acrylics
2019 NAWA(national association of women artists),gallery One, Warren st: oil
2019 NAWA gallery, w39 st, NYС 5 fl: oil
2020 MORA Jersey city , 80 grand street: oils

With questions on prices and availability of artworks, please contact Margo Grant
+1 917 449-2842
[email protected]