Yelena Kimelblat


Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Yelena never formally learned how to paint. Yelena Kimelblat started to paint in 2008 and art became a means for Yelena to share with others her vision of life. Yelena does not call herself an artist. She is “a woman, who paints”. Yelena is avoiding any identification, any, even the most pretty labels. She was not afraid to look inside herself — into the void, where you can perish or get everything. Yelena got everything —she started to paint.

“I never painted before in my life and couldn’t even imagine that I would start. The root of my creativity stems from a desire to live a long life free from unhappiness, awe before the awesome beauty of the natural world and the desire to include this beauty within my own life and say to others “I see it this way!”

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